This site brings together most of the environmentally interactive pieces from the various concretewheels pages.

Though the case could be made that all art work, and, come to think of it, pretty much everything else, is in some way environmentally interactive, avoiding some of the deeper philosophical considerations for the moment [or longer], this page is meant to focus on the work that actually uses the active processes of the out-of-doors as a prime mover in the piece, i.e. sun, wind, water, frost, etc. I've included 'walk boxes' here. That stretches it a bit (but it is an out-of-door process, of sorts).

Pick on the piece name to see the related page (much as you probably did to display this I guess you can consider this sentence redundant).

In case you came to this page (not this one but the previous one with the wrinkled paper background) via a different route than the concretewheels home page, that set of pages - concretewheels, which includes all this work plus additional bits like painting, photography and sculpture, can be found at